Minty whats? Say what?

MintyTins are a combination of eating too many mint candies and wanting to make stuff from stuff. Random, happy, surprise packets of fun! Totally corny. But kinda what we are going for - right? . Philly based, but showing up in the places we travel to or wherever we can get a placement assist. If you find one out on the streets - take a pic of your find, and tag us on instagram #mintytins

Find this one in Glenside, PA. Near the park with the Grove. I don't know exactly what a grove is, but this park has one, atleast thats what it implies? If that makes sense, you’re probably right :)

Making the cards is as much fun as making the tins. Here’s an in process photo of printing up a batch. I print them in 4’s, then cut them down to the individual cards. The hard part is just remembering to do it all backwards!

Sneak peek insides :)

Another sample of some of the linoleum prints you may find in a tin.

If you are one of the first ones upon a tin you might find some of these mini-cards in the tin. They are hand made linoleum block prints with different words and images - take one! :)

Find this one in Cape May, NJ! Head away from the beach on Congress. Go further than North, but not too far north - make sense?

Print, print, print, print!! Block printmaking fun!

Another one up in Glenside, PA. If you take the train to the city from g-side you are close, if you are at the station itself you are a little too close. If you know where the fire station is, you are getting warmer!

Words inside, words outside, words on cards, smiley faces all over - lots of smiley faces.

They don’t last forever even when they stay in place. This one lasted a little over a year down-the-shore. It lost it’s lid at somepoint and then the salt water worked it magic! :(

Bringing things all together.